ContiniArtUK at SCOPE Miami Beach 2017

ContiniArtUK at SCOPE MIAMI BEACH 2017


Booth F25

5 – 10 December 2017
Miami, Florida, USA



ContiniArtUK are excited to announce our first participation to SCOPE Miami Beach, running from the 5th to the 10th of December 2017.

Our booth will be entirely dedicated to rising contemporary artist Omar Hassan and showcase an exciting selection of works from his famous series. To receive a preview of the booth, please email

Born in Milan in 1987 to an Egyptian father and an Italian mother, Omar Hassan was introduced to the Milan underground art scene at a young age. He shaped his artistic method by using his personal experiences to create highly conceptual artworks, divided in different series such as Breaking Through, Injections and Caps.

Hassan’s ‘Breaking Through’ series is a particularly poignant collection of works; rooted in a deeply personal and significant series of life events, the series celebrates life and its struggles. Hassan dips his boxing gloves into an assortment of different coloured buckets of paint and punches a white canvas repeatedly. This extremely physical technique creates an artwork that displays strength, perseverance and determination

The ‘Injections’ series, a direct reference to the daily insulin shots Hassan takes, draws inspiration from Hassan’s childhood diagnosis of diabetes. The series is made up of canvases with colourful ‘dots’ spray-painted onto them; the ‘dots’ reflecting the immediacy of street art culture, where speed, with visual impact, is so important.

Hassan’s ‘Caps’ series is an adventure in readymade; speaking about the series Hassan provides an analogy: ‘In the same way that our ecosystem could not survive without bees, spray-paints cannot function without their caps. The Caps series works contain rows of used spray-caps arranged carefully in assigned boxes, lined up in a static grid, just like the bee in and out of the honeycomb cell.


We look forward to seeing you there.


For more information about the artist click here

For more information about SCOPE Miami Beach click here


801 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, USA

Opening times:

Platinum First View: Tue 5 Dec, 12 – 4pm (invitation or Platinum VIP card for entry)

VIP | Press Preview: Tue 5 Dec, 4 – 8pm (VIP card holders and Press only)

General entry: Wed 6 – Sun 10 Dec, 11 – 8pm.