News - 5 February 2018
    For Arte Fiera Bologna 2018, the London Art Gallery ContiniArtUK presented a special project featuring world-renowned American artist Robert Indiana. ...

  • ArteFiera Logo - Arte Fiera Bologna, Helidon Xhixha, David Begbie, Omar Hassan

    Arte Fiera Bologna 2018

    Art Fair
    Arte Fiera Bologna
    2nd – 5th February 2018
    Bologna, Italy
    Booth A85, Pavilion 25...

  • Paolo Vegas – M.A.C.I.S.T.

    News - 13 January 2018
    We are proud to announce Paolo Vegas’ participation in the ‘La Vespa nella Storia dell’Arte’, an exhibition at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Internazionale Senza Tendenze. Held in Biella, Italy, the exhibition will be available to see from the 13th of January until the 30th of June 2018....

  • Omar Hassan in Cortina d’Ampezzo

    News - 8 December 2017
    Hotel Ambra Cortina Luxury & Fashion Boutique Hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, is currently exhibiting a selection of artworks by our artist Omar Hassan....

  • Botero, a dialogue with Picasso

    News - 5 December 2017
    ContiniArtUK are excited to announce the opening of “Botero, a dialogue with Picasso”, an exclusive exhibition held at the Hôtel du Caumont – Centre d’Art, Aix en Provence....

  • SCOPE MIami - ContiniArtUK - Omar Hassan

    ContiniArtUK at SCOPE Miami Beach 2017

    News - 21 November 2017
    ContiniArtUK are excited to announce our first participation to SCOPE Miami Beach, from 5 - 10 Dec 2017, with a booth entirely dedicated to Omar Hassan. ...

  • Mario Arlati – BAG 2017

    News - 15 November 2017
    We are proud to announce the opening of the distinguished Bocconi Art Gallery (BAG) exhibition, featuring amongst others, Mario Arlati and his artwork entitled 'Potenza del colore'....

  • Hyphnos

    Michelangelo Galliani: In Focus

    In Focus
    Although Art Historians have categorised Galliani as a contemporary artist, he discards this title, claiming that his art is a variegation of classical and modern styles....

  • Botero in Verona

    Fernando Botero in Verona

    News - 26 October 2017
    We are proud to announce the opening of Fernando Botero’s exhibition at Verona’s AMO – Palazzo Forti to celebrate the artist’s 85th birthday and to honour his 50-year long career. ...

  • Baryshnikov - New Manege - Moscow

    Mikhail Baryshnikov exhibits at New Manege, Moscow

    News - 22 October 2017
    The iconic building New Manege in Moscow is currently hosting “Mikhail Baryshnikov, from the Dance Series”, a solo exhibition visible until 12 November 2017....

  • Helidon Xhixha - Oceano - Pietrasanta

    Inauguration of Xhixha’s “Oceano” in Pietrasanta

    News - 15 October 2017
    We are proud to announce the inauguration of world-renowned, Contemporary artist Helidon Xhixha’s sculpture Oceano in Pietrasanta....

  • giacomo braglia conversation ethiopia

    Giacomo Braglia

    'Conversation With Ethiopia' 6 - 21 October 2017...

  • Cristian Contini receives the “Pianeta Azzurro Prize – The Protagonists Award”

    News - 13th September 2017
    The 16th edition of the prestigious "Pianeta Azzurro Prize - The Protagonists Award" took place on the 12th September at Fregenae, Italy....

  • Paolo Vegas – I Quattro Elementi by Alain Chivilò

    In the exhibition, extended until September 9, at Galleria Biffi Arte in Piacenza, Paolo Vegas photographer outlines new expressive concepts within his own artistic way....

  • Omar Hassan

    "Breaking Through Lugano" 14 – 21 September 2017, Lugano, Switzerland...

  • beirut art fair continiartuk

    Beirut Art Fair 2017

    News - 31 August 2017
    ContiniArtUK are excited to announce our participation at Beirut Art Fair, running from the 21st to the 24th September 2017....

  • Ferruccio Gard is back at the Venice Biennale

    News - 13 August 2017
    On the occasion of the 57th International Art Exhibition, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa (Venice) is hosting “Alberto Biasi, Sara Campesan, Bruno Munari e altri amici di Verifica 8+1”, a Collateral Event featuring the works of Ferruccio Gard, who is participating in the Venice Biennale for the 7th time....

  • Irripetibili - Omar Hassan

    Artwork In Focus: “Irripetibili” – Omar Hassan

    Artwork In Focus
    In the diptych Irripetibili (literally translated from Italian as that which cannot be repeated) Hassan fuses together classical cast sculpture and his own urban culture inspired painting methods the result of which is a thought-provoking creation....

  • In Ordine Sparso - Helidon Xhixha - Boboli Garden - Florence

    “Helidon Xhixha, Lux in Florence”, by Alain Chivilò

    News - 17 July 2017
    Chaos, disorder have influenced and determined the life of the human being. The sculptor Helidon Xhixha, providing a personal vision, tries to give evidence at the Boboli Garden exhibition, Florence, until 29 October 2017....

  • Arca Special Award - Mario Arlati - Oscar Benini

    Krost, Studio Benini and Mario Arlati win the Arca International Special Prize

    News - 15 July 2017
    As a part of the Dedalo Minosse International Prize, the Arca Special Award was presented to the Krost construction company, Benini & Partners and painter Mario Arlati....

  • Omar Hassan “Do Ut Des”, by Alain Chivilò

    News - 6 July 2017
    Omar Hassan (Milan, 1987) is an Italian master who has decided to combine hand and color by creating instinctive works without being influenced by past trends such as the American Action Painting, the French Abstraction lyric and the Japanese Gutai Group....

  • Ferruccio Gard at the Modern Art International Gallery, Venice

    Ferruccio Gard’s 7th participation to the Venice Biennale

    News - 4 July 2017
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce Ferruccio Gard’s 7th participation to the Venice Biennale. His work will be presented as part of a collateral event organised by the Foundation Bevilacqua La Masa....

  • Xhixha for VolareArte - Pise

    Helidon Xhixha monumental sculptures for “VolareArte”

    News - 17 June 2017
    Contemporary artist Helidon Xhixha has been invited to be the protagonist of the fourth biannual edition of “VolareArte”, a project in which he will present his monumental sculptures in two major Italian airports....

  • Paolo Vegas artwork for exhibition The Four Elements in Piacenza

    Paolo Vegas’ Solo Exhibition “The Four Elements”

    News - 2 June 2017
    ContiniArtUK are pleased to announce ‘The Four Elements’, an upcoming solo exhibition of Paolo Vegas which will take place at the Biffi Art Gallery in Piacenza, Italy, in collaboration with Michele Sesta....

  • The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

    Robert Indiana and Tony Cragg at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

    News - 1 June 2017
    The Walker Art Center Campus and Minneapolis Sculpture garden announced their grand re-opening on the 10th June 2017, after a two-year-long renovation project. Works by Robert Indiana and Tony Cragg will be part of the new permanent display....

  • Botero Retrospective - ROME

    Botero Retrospective at the Complesso del Vittoriano – ROME

    News - 27 May 2017
    The Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome is welcoming a Fernando Botero retrospective. The show opened in the beginning of May and will run through to August 2017...

  • Do Ut Des - Omar Hassan - Venice

    “Do Ut Des” mostra personale di Omar Hassan a Venezia

    News - 20 May 2017
    Do Ut Des è la prima grande mostra personale di Omar Hassan a Venezia, dal 20 maggio all'8 settembre alla Chiesetta della Misericordia....

  • Do Ut Des - Omar Hassan - Venice

    “Do Ut Des” Einzelausstellung des Künstlers Omar Hassans in Venedig

    News - 20 May 2017
    Do Ut Des ist die erste große Einzelausstellung des jungen italienisch-ägyptischen Künstlers Omar Hassans in Venedig, zu sehen vom 20. Mai bis 8. September in Chiesetta della Misericordia...

  • Do Ut Des - Omar Hassan - Venice

    “Do Ut Des” l’exposition en solo de Omar Hassan à Venise

    News - 20 May 2017
    Do Ut Des est la première exposition en solo de l'artiste Omar Hassan à Venise, elle se déroulera du 20 Mai jusqu'au 8 septembre à la Chiesetta della Misericordia...

  • fernando-botero-donation-medellin

    Fernando Botero important donation to Medellin

    News - 8 May 2017
    17-years ago today, the internationally renowned Latin American artist Fernando Botero donated artworks from his personal collection to his native city of Medellín, Colombia....

  • Omar Hassan - Do Ut Des - ContiniArtUk

    “Do Ut Des” mostra personale di Omar Hassan a Venezia

    News - 4 May 2017
    “Do Ut Des” mostra personale di Omar Hassan a Venezia...

  • Do Ut Des (Give to receive) is the first major solo exhibition of young Italian-Egyptian artist Omar Hassan in Venice

    “Do Ut Des” solo exhibition by Omar Hassan in Venice

    News - 4 May 2017
    "Do Ut Des" (Give to receive) is the first major solo exhibition of young Italian-Egyptian artist Omar Hassan in Venice....

  • Enzo Fiore - Exhibition in Venice - Piazza San Marco

    ENZO FIORE – In the End, a Beginning: The Life of Nature – VENICE, ITALY

    News - 30 April 2017
    Enzo Fiore will return to the heart of Venice for his upcoming exhibition at the Galleria di Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy....

  • David Begbie - Cutting Edge - ContiniArtUK

    Cutting Edge by Dr. Diego Giolitti

    News - 26 April 2017
    Cutting Edge – An exhibition by British sculptor David Begbie, and an exploration into the notion of the beautiful....

  • Helidon Xhixha Venice Venezia Hotel Centurion

    Helidon Xhixha unveils new work in Venice

    News - 18 April 2017
    Helidon Xhixha has unveiled a new sculpture titled Luce sulla Laguna (Light on the Lagoon) in collaboration with ContiniArtUK and Bugno Fine Art to be displayed in Venice for the duration of the upcoming 2017 Venice Biennale....

  • On the surface of things – David Begbie

    News - 5 April 2017
    'On the Surface of Things' is a catalogue foreword written for Cutting Edge, a retrospective exhibition of British sculptor David Begbie MRBS. Celebrating 30 years of sculpture and drawing by the artist, the exhibition will be on display at ContiniArtUK from the 26th April - 31st May 2017, a hardcover catalogue will be published for the occasion. Text written by Assistant Curator Josh Rowell....

  • Robert Indiana’s Artworks exhibited in Naples

    News - 30 March 2017
    Robert Indiana’s artwork is currently exhibited in The Baker Museum in Naples, Florida, USA. The exhibition titled “Now and Then” features over 70 artworks which showcase the artist’s unique method of working in three dimensions using the same image, as well as his method of working on paper, canvas and print....

  • Fernando Botero’s “Via Crucis” series exhibited in Tijuana, Mexico

    News - 23 March 2017
    Fernando Botero’s “Via Crucis” (or Stations of the Cross) series, will be exhibited for the first time in Tijuana, Mexico, at the Tijuana Cultural Centre. The exhibition opens on the 24th of March and will run until the 25th of June 2017. ...

  • Robert Indiana Exhibition Travels To Milan

    News - 17 March 2017
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce that, due to its wide spread popularity at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome, “LOVE. Contemporary Art Meets Love” exhibition has been transferred to Permanente in Milan where it is opening from the 17th March until the 23rd of July 2017....

  • Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture is back on display at Indianapolis Museum of Art

    LOVE sculpture back on display at Indianapolis Museum of Art

    News - 13 March 2017
    Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture is back on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The iconic sculpture is accepted as the original version of Indiana’s LOVE sculptures. It was completed in 1970 and it has been on display at the museum since it was acquired in 1975. ...

  • Monumental sculptures by Igor Mitoraj in La Défense, Paris

    Monumental sculptures by Igor Mitoraj in La Défense, Paris

    News - 10 March 2017
    Since its conception in the sixties the major business district, La Défense has sought to fuse art and business together. The financial hub harbours an impressive open-air art space showcasing seventy monumental sculptures and installations of contemporary art. ...

  • David Begbie - Project Polunin

    David Begbie’s ‘CZIN’ donated to Project Polunin

    News - 8 March 2017
    David Begbie MRBS has donated his sculpture “CZIN”, 2016, to a silent auction in aid of Project Polunin, a new production that will premiere at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London. Taking place at the Project Polunin gala dinner, proceeds from the artist’s donation will help to support Sergei Polunin’s upcoming program....

  • LOVE soon to return to JFK Plaza, Philadelphia

    News - 1 March 2017
    Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture (1976) was removed from Dilworth Park, Philadelphia, on the 15th of February 2017 in order to be restored by the City of Philadephia’s Public Art Program and to be returned to its permanent home on John F. Kennedy Plaza, also known as LOVE Park. ...

  • David Begbie’s AIRWAVE installed in Dubai

    News - 28 February 2017
    David Begbie’s most recent commission, AIRWAVE, has been installed in the entrance hall of Dubai's Royal Meridien Beach Hotel. The monumental six-meter high sculpture is based on a Dhow, a traditional Arabic sailing ship and is a perfect example of the artist’s iconic wire mesh technique. ...

  • Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy - Helidon Xhixha, Boboli gardens, Florence, Uffizi gallery

    Helidon Xhixha “In Ordine Sparso” at the Boboli Gardens, Florence

    News - 17 February 2017
    ContiniArtUK are delighted to announce “In Ordine Sparso”, a solo exhibition by Helidon Xhixha which will take place at the Boboli Gardens, inside the Limonaia and at the entrance of Palazzo Pitti in Florence....

  • Robert Indiana – LOVE Poems

    News - 14 February 2017
    Selection of LOVE poems by Robert Indiana from the Book of Love portfolio published in 1996....

  • In Focus: Omar Hassan ITA

    In Focus
    Nato a Milano nel 1987 da padre egiziano e madre italiana, Omar Hassan viene in contatto in giovane età con la scena artistica underground milanese. L’interesse iniziale per la street art si trasforma presto in una passione per vari campi dell’arte, portando Hassan a intraprendere gli studi presso l’Academia di Belle Arti di Brera.

  • Helidon Xhixha -ContiniArtUK

    In Focus: Helidon Xhixha ITA

    In Focus
    Definito “uno degli scultori più interessanti della scena contemporanea” dal noto critico d’arte Luca Beatrice, negli ultimi anni Helidon Xhixha si è affermato come una delle figure più importanti del mondo dell’arte. ...

  • In Focus: David Begbie ITA

    In Focus
    David Begbie è un artista contemporaneo di fama internazionale nato a Edimburgo, in Scozia. Begbie inizia ad appassionarsi all’arte all’età di tredici anni, quando segue dei corsi serali di disegno dal vero....

  • In Focus: Omar Hassan

    In Focus
    Born in Milan in 1987 to an Egyptian father and an Italian mother, Omar Hassan was introduced to the Milan underground art scene at a young age. Hassan’s initial interest in street art soon developed into a passion for a diverse range of art, leading him to pursue a fine art degree at the Fine Art Academy of Brera....

  • Helidon Xhixha -ContiniArtUK

    In Focus: Helidon Xhixha

    In Focus
    Heralded as “one of the most interesting sculptors on the contemporary scene” by prominent Italian art critic Luca Beatrice, recent years have seen Helidon Xhixha affirm his position amongst the art world’s leading figures....

  • Botero Retrospective - ROME

    In Focus: Fernando Botero

    In Focus
    Fernando Botero, born 19 April 1932, Medellín, Colombia, is one of the most renowned artists of the present day. He is best known for his paintings and sculptures of inflated human and animal shapes, his signature style, now described as ‘Boterismo’, has become some of the most instantly recognizable work on the international art scene in recent decades....

  • In Focus: David Begbie

    In Focus
    David Begbie is an internationally renowned contemporary artist from Edinburgh, Scotland. Begbie’s fascination with art began at the early age of thirteen, when he took up life drawing classes in the evenings....

  • Desire Obtain Cherish - Portrait

    In Focus: Desire Obtain Cherish

    In Focus
    Desire Obtain Cherish came on to the scene as a street artist in the early 2000, before making the transition in to conceptual art, working across a multiplicity of different media and a combination of styles....

  • ArteFiera Logo - Arte Fiera Bologna, Helidon Xhixha, David Begbie, Omar Hassan

    Arte Fiera Bologna 2017

    News - 19 December 2016
    Arte Fiera Bologna
    27th – 30th January 2017
    Bologna Italy
    Booth A83, Pavilion 25...

  • Helidon Xhixha Muse Miami - ContiniArtUK

    Helidon Xhixha’s Muse Project

    News - 16 December 2016
    December 6th saw Helidon Xhixha completing his first commissioned sculpture for Muse, a luxury accommodation building in the Sunny Isles neighborhood of Miami....

  • Indiana moves ‘LOVE’ indoors

    News - 13 December 2016
    Robert Indiana's iconic ‘LOVE’ sculpture is set to be moved indoors by the Indianapolis Museum of Art...

  • Fernando Botero’s 12-foot cat sculpture finds a home in New York

    News - 12 December
    A 12-foot bronze sculpture of a cat, by world-renowned artist Fernando Botero, has found a home in The Crosby Hotel in New York City’s Soho....

  • In Focus: David Begbie, the world’s leading wire mesh sculptor

    News - 8 December 2016
    For his most recent commission David Begbie has created AIRWAVE, a six-meter high sculpture based on a Dhow, a traditional Arabic sailing ship. ...

  • Robert Indiana, AMOR, Philadelphia - ContiniArtUK

    Robert Indiana’s “AMOR” at home in Philadelphia

    News - 6 December 2016
    The capital city of Pennsylvania has given a permanent home to Robert Indiana’s iconic bilingual sculpture....

  • Fernando Botero: Broadgate Venus

    News - 29 November 2016
    ContiniArtUK are pleased to announce that the monumental sculpture titled Broadgate Venus by renowned Columbian artist Fernando Botero is situated in Exchange Square, London....

  • Omar Hassan Breaking Through New York - ContiniArtUK

    Omar Hassan – Breaking Through New York

    News - 28 November 2016
    As part of his recent New York solo exhibition, Breaking Through New York, Omar Hassan stunned spectators at the private view with one of his iconic ‘Breaking Through’ performances. The resulting artwork was auctioned off on the night, with proceeds going to the Lyfebulb foundation....

  • Desire Obtain Cherish at Saks Downtown NY

    News - 23 November 2016
    ContiniArtUK is delighted to announce that Desire Obtain Cherish will be displaying works from his series ‘Meltdowns’ & ‘Married to Success’ at Saks Fifth Avenue Brookfield Place....

  • In Focus: Steven Scott

    News - 17 November 2016
    As one of the most recent artists to join us at ContiniArtUK, here is an explorative text into the fascinating art work of Steven Scott....

  • Triennale di Milano Omar Hassan Motomorphosis - ContiniArtUK

    Omar Hassan new work to be exhibited at Triennale Di Milano

    News - 9 November 2016
    Omar Hassan has been invited to take part in a charity auction organized by Motomorphosis, designed to educate and promote road safety in Italy. ...

  • Mario Arlati ‘A Drop in the Ocean’ Charity Auction in Ibiza

    News - 23 October 2016
    Mario Arlati leads APNEEF's charity art auction in Ibiza, Spain....

  • Robert Indiana “Love”, Chiostro del Bramante, Rome

    News - 22 October 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce that one of our artists, Robert Indiana, is exhibiting at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome......

  • David Begbie: Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

    News - 20 October 2016
    London based artist, David Begbie, is displaying his wire mesh sculptures at the Hannah Peschar sculpture garden in Surrey. The first of its kind in the UK, the sculpture garden celebrates the magic and beauty of nature combined with contemporary art....

  • Giuseppe Veneziano: Street Scape, Como

    News - 16 October 2016
    ContiniArtUK are pleased to announce that Giuseppe Veneziano has been chosen to take part in the fifth edition of Street Scape. Set amongst the stunning backdrop of Como, Veneziano will exhibit alongside a list of 10 other international artists....

  • Rachel Libeskind In Conversation with Dr Diego Giolitti

    News - 10 October 2016
    The following text is a conversation held between Dr. Diego Giolitti and Rachel Libeskind, ahead of the artist’s solo exhibition at ContiniArtUK....

  • Helidon Xhixha Awarded Public Medal at London Design Biennale

    News - 28 September
    Albanian born artist Helidon Xhixha has been honoured with the ‘Public Medal’ award for best installation at this year’s inaugural London Design Biennale....

  • Rachel Libeskind – The Circumcision of Christ and Modern Oblivion

    News - 16 September 2016
    ContiniArtUK are pleased to announce the first London solo exhbition of emerging artist Rachel Libeskind....

  • Omar Hassan – Breaking Through Milano

    News - 15 September 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce that Omar Hassan will host an exciting solo exhibition in Milan this September. Taking place in the stunning MAC centre (Music, Art and Culture), this exhibition represents yet another impressive step forward in the young artist’s career....

  • Xhixha: London Design Biennale

    News - 9 September 2016
    ContiniArtUK are pleased to announce that Albanian born artist Helidon Xhixha is currently exhibiting at London’s inaugural Design Biennale, held in Somerset House....

  • ‘Colour and Matter’ Exhibition in Porto Cervo

    News - 3 September 2016
    Colour and Matter, organised by Pied a Terre Contemporary Art in collaboration with ContiniArtUK, will take place in Porto Cervo, running from 3rd September – 3rd October 2016....

  • Robert Indiana Exhibits in Maine

    News - 30 August 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce that one of our artists Robert Indiana is currently exhibiting his work at the Bates College Museum of Art in Maine, USA. The exhibition titled “Robert Indiana: Now and Then” is a selection of over 70 of the celebrated pop artist’s works...

  • Fernando Botero exhibits in the Kunsthal Rotterdam

    News - 16 August 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce that Fernando Botero is currently on show at the Kunsthal Rotterdam....

  • Gavin Rain Exhibits in Antarctica

    News - 10 August 2016
    South African artist Gavin Rain has exhibited in many places across the globe, from Brussels to Mexico City, Cape Town to New York, and even here in London. But as of June this year, the artist has taken the term global to a new level, presenting his work in the Earth’s southernmost continent, Antarctica....

  • In Focus: Night by Omar Hassan

    News - 6 August 2016
    Currently on show at ContiniArtUK, Night (213 x 263 cm, 2015), by Omar Hassan, is a painting from his ongoing Injection series. Inspired by the non-figurative Islamic art of his Egyptian origin a multitude of spray-painted ‘dots form the background of the work, resulting in an abstract, uniquely patterned composition....

  • START art fair at Saatchi Gallery

    News - 1 August 2016
    ContiniArtUK are delighted to announce that we will be participating in START16, one of London's most important fairs for emerging and contemporary art. Held at the Saatchi Gallery from the 15th to the 18th September 2016, START is a platform that shines a spotlight on emerging artists and new art scenes....

  • Helidon Xhixha ‘the Alchemist’ by Dr Diego Giolitti

    News - 30 July 2016
    For over two millennia, the philosopher’s stone has long been the stuff of legend. Alchemy was born from a passionate desire to take base elements from the Earth and, through a mysterious process of transformation.  ...

  • Helidon Xhixha’s sculptures on display at the Cristallo Hotel in Cortina, Italy

    News - 29 July 2016
    Hotel Cristallo in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Itlay, is currently displaying a selection of Helidon Xhixha's reflective sculptures in their beautiful garden. Each year they choose an international artist to exhibit for the summer and this year Xhixha's sculptures can be appreciated there....

  • WOPART Work on Paper Art Fair Lugano

    News - 28 July 2016 ContiniArtUK are excited to announce that we will be participating in WOPART – The Work on Paper Art Fair in Lugano, Switzerland, running from the 2nd to the 5th September 2016. This unique exhibition in the pavillions of the Lugano Exhibition Centre is solely dedicated to masterworks on paper....


    News - 19 July 2016
    “Igor’s crazy dream was one day to see his sculptures in Pompeii. I thank all those who contributed to make this dream come true.” Jean-Paul Sabatié - President of the Atelier Mitoraj...

  • Mario Arlati, Power of Colour, ContiniArtUK

    Mario Arlati brings the Power of Colour to London

    News - 6 July 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to introduce Milan-born artist Mario Arlati’s first solo exhibition in London. His work employs a complex relationship between colour and materiality. ...

  • Helidon Xhixha Unveils New Work in Miami

    News - 11 June 2016
    June the 16th will see Helidon Xhixha unveil a brand new, 8 foot tall, sculpture in a newly built luxury apartment building in the heart of Miami....

  • In Focus: KwangHo Shin

    News - 3 May 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to introduce one of our latest artists to join the gallery. Emerging 31-year-old artist KwangHo Shin was born in Seoul, South Korea, where he now lives and works....

  • Fernando Botero: A Year in Focus

    News - 20 April 2016
    On the occasion of Fernando Botero’s 84th birthday, we at ContiniArtUK have decided to take a look back over the last 12 months at what has been a highly exciting year for the Columbian master painter and sculptor. ...

  • In Focus: ‘Boterosutra’

    News - 15 April 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to introduce a new sculpture received directly from the Columbian master Fernando Botero, coming from one of his recent series titled Boterosutra....

  • Robert Indiana Retrospective Opens at the State Russian Museum

    News - 11 April 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce the opening success of Robert Indiana’s retrospective at the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg. ...

  • Igor Mitoraj To Exhibit At Ancient Site Of Pompeii

    News - 9 April 2016
    ContiniArtUK are pleased to announce that a definitive collection of monumental, bronze sculptures by Igor Mitoraj will soon be exhibited within the magnificent archaeological excavations of Pompeii in May....

  • Helidon Xhixha To Represent Albania at the London Design Biennale 2016

    News - 23 March 2016
    Following yesterdays press conference, ContiniArtUK are pleased to announce that Helidon Xhixha will be representing his country of Albania at the inaugural London Design Biennale 2016, the first exhibition of its kind that is set to become a prestigious event of global importance. ...

  • Fernando Botero’s ‘Via Crucis, La Passione di Cristo’ Exhibits in Rome

    News - 18 February 2016
    ContiniArtUK is proud that Botero has once again taken on the canonical imagery of art history in a series depicting the life of Christ. He created 27 oil paintings and 34 drawings over the period 2010-11, which are now on display at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome....

  • ContiniArtUK Featured in the Evening Standard

    News - 17 February 2016
    Extract from article by Joanna Bourke, Evening Standard: Damien Hirst once said: “I think art’s the greatest currency in the world.” And, with a wave of modern gallery owners flocking to make their British debut in the heart of Mayfair, the elite W1 postcode is at the heart of this currency’s trade....

  • Botero in China Moves to Shanghai

    News - 9 February 2016
    The touring exhibition that began in Beijing of ‘Botero in China’ has moved to its new location in the China Art Palace in Shanghai....

  • Taline Temizian is Interviewed by Dr. Diego Giolitti

    News - 30 January 2016
    As one of the artists most recent to join us at ContiniArtUK, here follows a conversation between Taline Temizian and our gallery director, Dr. Diego Giolitti. This conversation looks at the artist's ever changing practices, exploring her background, inspirations and experiences....

  • Taline Temizian Opens Exhibition “Systems and Networks” at Sketch London

    News - 24 January 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to announce Systems & Networks, a new exhibition at sketch, showcasing the works of Taline Temizian....

  • Helidon Xhixha exhibits at the Royal Palace in Turin

    News - 17 January 2016
    ContiniArtUK is pleased to introduce Action and Thought, an exhibition of works by artist Helidon Xhixha at the Royal Palace of Turin. The show has been created in collaboration with sculptor Alfred Mirashi, both born in Albania, but trained in Italy, the two artists play with ideas of form, texture, materiality and light. ...

  • Veneziano creates Van Gogh inspired mural in Pordenone

    News - 15 January 2016
    Giuseppe Veneziano, born in 1971 in Sicily, is best known for his satirical work referencing religion, politics and comic book heroes, as represented at ContiniArtUK. In a new piece, his first outdoor mural, he has turned his comic eye to comment on art itself....

  • Fernando Botero’s ‘Horse’ Moves to The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

    News - 21 December 2015
    From April 2016 guests of Kuala Lumpur's brand new luxurious hotel - St. Regis, will have a chance to witness an unusual sight of a 2.5 tonnes bronze horse greeting them in the Drawing Room at the hotel lobby. ...

  • Robert Indiana’s “Decade Portfolio” exhibited at the Swope Museum in Terre Haute

    News - 18 December 2015
    Returning home is always thrilling, and we at ContiniArtUK are excited for Robert Indiana to return to his own roots. As part of the State of Indiana’s bicentennial celebrations, the artist’s renowned Decade Portfolio is to be exhibited at Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute this winter....

  • Dr. Giolitti Appointed Visiting Professor at Richmond University

    News - 24 November 2015
    We are very pleased to announce that our Sales and Marketing Director, Dr Diego Giolitti, has been asked to join Richmond University, The American International University in London. Diego has been appointed as Visiting Professor in the School of Communications, Arts and Social Sciences....

  • Fernando Botero Exhibits in China

    News - 18 November 2015
    Being Fernando Botero's solo representative in the UK, we at ContiniArtUK are pleased to announce that after two unfortunate attempts to "break through the Great Wall" in 1992 and 2008, the artist will be debuting in the Celestial Empire with his new solo exhibition "Botero in China"....

  • Helidon Xhixha’s ‘Everlasting’ Now Installed at the Milan Malpensa Airport

    News - 15 November 2015
    Travellers passing through terminal 1 at the Milan Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy can see Helidon Xhixha’s latest installation titled Everlasting....

  • Ferruccio Gard in “Chromatism and Optical Art” at the Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art

    News - 8 November 2015
    Being one of ContiniArtUK’s most recognizable painters, it comes as no surprise to us that it has just been announced that Ferruccio Gard is exhibiting in an exciting solo show this Autumn at the Ca‘ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art....

  • Robert Indiana “Don’t Lose Hope” by Professor Dylan Jones OBE

    News - 14 October 2015
    Critical text written by Professor Dylan Jones OBE for Robert Indiana's exhibition "Don't Lose Hope" at ContiniArtUK....

  • Amor sculpture installed for Pope’s visit

    News - 20 September 2015
    AMOR (1998) by Robert Indiana (born 1928) was created for the visit of Pope Francis to the USA in September 2015. ...

  • Robert Indiana at ‘Arts & Foods. Rituals since 1851’ at the Triennale di Milano

    News - 1 September 2015
    Robert Indiana at ‘Arts & Foods. Rituals since 1851’ at the Triennale di Milano Works by Robert Indiana have been featured in a long list of recent exhibitions following recognition for the artist’s distinctive and iconic style....

  • Gianfranco Gorgoni’s Photographs Selected for Tate Modern Catalogue

    News - 1 September 2015
    The recent major retrospective of Agnes Martin (1912-2004) at the Tate Modern includes a selection of photographs by Gianfranco Gorgoni, showing Martin during her time in New Mexico....

  • Helidon Xhixha’s Iceberg at the 56th Venice Biennale

    News - 1 September 2015
    The internationally acclaimed sculptor Helidon Xhixha is one of eleven artists to participate in the Syrian Arab Republic pavilion of the 56th Venice Biennale....

  • Robert Indiana included in the new Whitney’s inaugural show ‘America Is Hard To See’

    News - 3 August 2015
    In excited anticipation of ContiniArtUK’s upcoming Robert Indiana exhibition, starting this September; we are delighted to see all of his other activity in exhibitions around the world....

  • Igor Mitoraj at the Milan Expo2015

    News - 1 August 2015
    ContiniArtUK are pleased to see the artworks of Igor Mitoraj being showcased this year at the Milan Expo. The Polish born sculptor will help to represent his country at their epic ‘eco’ Pavilion, a simple, yet stunning architectural structure made entirely of wooden crates, a design in-keeping with the Exposition’s ‘Feed the Planet’ theme. ...

  • Fernando Botero’s Exhibition in Seoul

    News - 1 July 2015
    Fernando Botero (b. 1932), the Columbian born master painter and sculptor, will be taking his ‘curvy aesthetics’ to the Far-East in a three-month long solo exhibition at the Seoul Arts Centre, South Korea. Running throughout the summer, from July to early October, the exhibition will showcase 90 paintings, as well as a handful of sculptures, and is set to be one of the most exciting shows in South Korea this summer....