Mario Arlati – BAG 2017

Mario Arlati at BAG 2017


We are proud to announce the opening of the distinguished Bocconi Art Gallery (BAG) exhibition, visible from the 13th of November (2017). Organising the exhibition for the 7th consecutive year, Milan’s Bocconi University aims to render Contemporary art easily accessible and thoroughly enjoyable to both students and visitors.

Curated by Federico Sardella, the exhibition features a vast collection consisting of 100 breath-taking artworks executed in different styles by over 50 acclaimed international and local artists. Amongst the featured artists is the talented Mario Arlati, presenting an artwork entitled Potenza del colore. This masterpiece features a technique typically employed within his Trapos series, whereby the artist, reusing rags that he dirtied whilst painting, ruffles and systematically arranges them onto a supporting background surface. Often defined as eclectic and ambiguous, Mario Arlati’s multidisciplinary art escapes most explicit stylistic definitions, although his style can be affiliated within the contemporary anti-establishment art movement entitled ‘Arte Povera’.


Arlati - BAG 2017


Not only does this create both irreproducible artworks in an innovative style, but the artist also explores the changing role of materials when they are introduced within artworks. Thus, he studies the evolving status of the rags from being humble, practical articles, to become a part of an evocative and unique artwork. As the title denotes, Arlati’s work primarily focuses on the juxtaposition between brightly painted rags, whose luminosity resonate within the viewer’s soul, and the blank ones, to create a balanced and harmonious composition that is both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually challenging.

Interestingly, BAG’s opening will combine art, music and photography, as well as hosting numerous talks given by both illustrious artists and significant art collectors, such as Elio Marchegiani, Arturo Galansino (Director of the Florence Palazzo Strozzi Foundation), Maria Mulas, Regine Schumann, Roberto Pietrosanti, and art collector Giuseppe Iannaccone.

Having already been shown at the prestigious Lancaster Museum of Art and History (California), this exhibition will conclude its international tour at the historic Royal Palace of Caserta.


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